We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for your time in contributing to this important research effort. The results of this key study will shape future conversations and best practices for the profession; benefiting both women and men in Architecture. For more information, go to the Project page.

FAQ Reminders

Who should take this Survey?

We encourage both WOMEN and MEN who have graduated from professional Architectural programs and are currently practicing architecture to participate. While our research study will primarily focus on the San Francisco Bay Area respondents, we encourage a broader range of participation for awareness and outreach for a larger scale in the future. We are also interested in those that have left the profession to pursue other career interests and sole practitioners who have left small/large firms.


What are the key topic areas in the Survey?

As this is Phase 1 of a Multi-year research project that is complex and less studied in nature, areas of the survey focus on periods throughout the career that may be affecting the retention of talent in architectural practice. The “Pinch Point”  topics cover a wider range and some topic areas may seek more information than others (ie., we chose to focus on employed architects in mid to large size firms as the base demographic), with complimentary questions for those that have left the profession or larger firms to start their own practice.

The Phase 1 Topic Areas are as follows:

Demographics, Licensure, Hiring, Professional Development, Promotion, Retention, Work-Life Flexibility, and Job Satisfaction.


How long will it take to complete this Survey?

To understand of the nature of circumstances or “pinch points” that prevent advancement and retention, We designed the survey with the expectation that it will take most respondents about 15-25 minutes to complete, but that the precise number of questions will depend on the respondent’s particular circumstances and answers. Because of our limited resources, we have tried hard to strike a balance between keeping the survey a comfortable length and learning as much as we can from your responses.

Please plan ahead and set aside time accordingly for thoughtful input to the important topics in the study.

  1. If you do run out of time or need to return to the survey later, you can do so by clicking the link above from the SAME computer you started your responses.
  2. It will resume with your previous responses saved if you have clicked “NEXT” after completing a page. 
  3. Please note that your survey data will not be complete until you have finished and Click the SUBMIT button at the end of the Survey.


Thank You for Your Support!

AIA San Francisco has generously donated 2 Design Award Gala Tickets for a drawing of respondents. Once you have completed the survey and submitted, you will be eligible for the drawing.


Be the Change, Spread the Word!

If you think this survey was relevant, please share this survey with your professional colleagues (both Women and Men), architectural alumni, and friends who have trained in Architecture, but have left the profession.

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