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Billing and Client Communication

Billing and Client Communication


“We need to increase our value with our clients as service providers, and part of providing good service is to show a clear-headed understanding of money,” advises Michael Bernard. “Use the contract to convey established billing practice,” advises Bernard. “The contract is the memory of the project, with all parties signatory.”

What should be shown on the invoice? “Sometimes the owner gives us an invoice template,” says Bernard. “I attach this invoice to the sub-consultant agreement so that the sub-consultants can see how the information they provide to me is in turn provided to the client.”

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Collections Strategies for Design Firms


How do you handle it when your clients get behind?

“Call them up!” says Michael Bernard. Don’t push this task off onto your bookkeeper. If the client writes the checks, the principal should make the call. “Keep your voice neutral and unemotional. Rehearse beforehand if you need to. The message is that, as a small business, cash flow is vital to your operations, and you’d appreciate them sending an immediate payment.”

“One former client felt so guilty about a tardy payment that he paid up even to his current charges that hadn’t been billed yet!”

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