Mark English, AIA CEPE, is principal at Mark English Architects in San Francisco, California. A Bay Area native, he offers a designer’s sense of artistry supported by practical knowledge gained from years of direct hands-on building experience. After earning a bachelor of architecture degree at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, and a master of architecture degree at the Syracuse University campus in Florence, Italy, he founded Mark English Architects in 1992. The firm has designed numerous residential and entertainment spaces throughout California, Texas and Mexico. The firm has a special interest in building in the urban context, with half of its work occurring in San Francisco.

As a licensed architect, English has served as chair of the AIASF Small Business Committee, and is a Director at the San Francisco AIA Board of Directors, as well as at the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco. He enjoys coaching his peers on new strategies for social media and marketing and promoting principles of energy-efficient design as it relates to compliance with California’s Title 24 energy code and Green-point Rating.

Mark English is the editor of two respected online magazines, “The Architects’ Take” featuring original interviews and commentary, and “Green Compliance Plus” featuring residential energy compliance case studies and advice.


Why We Started The Architects’ Take

The impetus for starting The Architects’ Take came from my desire to engage with peers.  I’ve come to realize that many of us are rather isolated and concerned with “competition”.  I was recently the Building architect for the Met Home showcase house here in SF, where I met EB Min and a slew of designers that the Met Home editors had picked to finish the various rooms. I was amazed at the very different and open way that these designers were able to communicate.

In the course of the build-out, I got to know Min/Day and was intrigued by their design process, how different it is than my own. Rebecca Firestone and I used initial questions to create an interview and article about some aspects of their design process, what makes them tick. My conversations with EB and subsequently with other colleagues have made it clear to me that we are not really in competition for work.  I’ve never actually gone up against any of them, since we all seem to have our own niches and referral streams.

Our long-term goal is to create a loose group of people of roughly the same age who help raise the bar for everyone through discussion and communication. We are omnivorous and not interested in any one direction. The Architect’s Take is part of that process and might expand in format to feature editorial commentary, as well as guest commentary on specific subjects.

– Mark English AIA | Editor/Writer  &  Rebecca Firestone | Writer

Editorial Focus of The Architects’ Take

The Architects’ Take features  thoughtful interviews with talented contemporary architects to discover why they create the designs they do, the thinking behind their work, how they got to where they are today, and what makes them tick. Our audience includes anyone with a sincere interest in contemporary and Modern design – however, we also believe that good design transcends divisions of style and historical period, and it’s the essence of good design that is at once so essential yet so elusive.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

One of our colleagues John Klopf has said, “Sustainability is not a part of architecture. Architecture is a part of sustainability.” Architects have the responsibility for making the built environment as healthy and as sustainable as possible, in every sense of those words.

Visit our energy compliance blog, Green Compliance Plus, for articles on proven energy-saving technologies and methods that architects can realistically use in their projects today.

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